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  • Writer's pictureNnaemeka Ali, O.M.I

A Libation of Fire

Let's offer a libation of fire

For our hardships and traumas

On these structures with crosses

Echo some deep trembling voices

How about distempering?

To remind the entire world

Of the quietly whispering voices

Silently murmuring ages unheard

No, let's rewrite the history

True, in our terms as it occurred

Turning to our nukumat Mak kukumat

To hear their sacred ancestral voices

Let's protect all sacred places

Offering love for the hate of the past

Honouring our lost daughters and sons

Nomadic spirits who can never be hushed

Let's all be now the land protectors

The great and invincible nomads

Twice beaten but never conquered

First Nations, nomads, free and sacred


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