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Behold a child is born, nay, two!

Updated: Mar 18

Behold, we bring good tidings

Of two new births to the World

A gift of a son to a visible World

And another to the one invisible

The Royal city of Nazareth has a son

A king born in a manger to all nations

Fragile like an egg, he comes to you

Vulnerable, yet strong in meekness and love

The prototype of his many other brethren

Lo and behold, another child is born

A giant from the home of Jerusalema

Tata Desmond Mpilo Tutu we called him

Bred in the African and Anglican pot

He rose, an iroko, he attracted birds of all kinds

Not of great stature, he dominated his world

Thundering from the altars of different religions

Proclaiming the Gospel of universal fraternity

Breaking barriers holding peace in hostage

Humbly born, poor he grew up to greatness

He goes home to join another Anglican giant

Both born within a year under different stars

John Shelby Spong the other was called

Two great Anglican oblations to the world

Who refused to be caged in a single religious family

— Alisonomi2021®️


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