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Café Oasis, A Moment of Love at a Pastoral Centre

Café Oasis is an activity of the Oasis Pastoral Centre. A monthly program of this centre located in the heart of Saint Paul University, Ottawa. It begins early in the morning, just as students and staff arrive at the university for their daily activities. Early on, the director and a few of her collaborators bring out different delicacies.

​The table was unique in this month of February. The café oasis coincided with the feast of Saint Valentine. To show their love for each other, Café Oasis made the environment wear the colour of love. There were beautiful red petals on the table. The coffee of the day was also as aromatic as ever, too.

​Furthermore, it was a lovely winter day. Although the Sun was timid as usual, it was indeed on rendezvous. It smiled shyly, as if in love. In its habitual family gaiety, the university provided a moment for the community to share the joy of Saint Valentine's celebration.

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