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Fellow Nigerians, Please Shine Your Eyes

Updated: Feb 24

If you want to understand how heartless Nigerian elected officers are, see how they fight whenever a policy doesn’t favour them. How many governors have cried out when ASUU remained on strike for over eight months? How many of them condemned it? No, they didn’t because their kids aren’t affected. On the contrary, their kids enjoyed a first-class teaching method in the Western world’s capitals.

What did they do while kidnappers terrorized the whole nation? Who among them went beyond mere make-believe condolence visits to the community butchered by herders, unknown gunmen and other criminals parading our country? Did they threaten the president or see the carefree attitude of the president as a plan to destroy their political party?

No, they didn’t. Instead, some relocated their families outside Nigeria, and others doubled their security.

How many of them complained that all these years, while we were facing fuel scarcity? When airways doubled their fair, did they make any statement? How many of them complained that the price of commodities skyrocketed every day?

No, they all kept doing it as if it were business as usual! They never cared because they all travelled on our public fund and paid nothing from their personal pocket.

How many of them showed their indignation when they killed our brothers and sisters at the Lekki Bridge during the EndSARS protest?

No, they only went ahead, dining with those killing us.

So, why are they crying out now? Why are they using the masses as the reason they’re enraged? Do you think it’s about you?

No, it’s not! Not only that, but they don’t care about you. They neither love nor like you. They’re vampires and will suck you dry to quench their thirst for blood. Let it sink into your head that these guys never care for Nigerians.

The tantrums they’re throwing now aren’t about you. They’re simply trying to use you to achieve their goals. This is the only time they feel what you have always felt. Their chicken is coming home to roost! Don’t fall for their crispy game, please!

Just come to think about it. They’re now talking about the president disobeying the court of law. Don’t fall for that nonsense. It’s not about the court of law. How many of them spoke out when this government disobeyed the court order to release El-Zakzaky and Nnamdi Kanu? Who among them remembered the court of law?

No, they didn’t because it wasn’t an occasion to loot the nation dry. They’re never fighting for you. It concerns them and their project to rig elections and misappropriates our public funds.

So, as you vote this week, show them you have a choice. Tell them you can decide who rules you. Vote wisely; vote to end their impunity by choosing leaders ready to go the extra mile necessary to make you proud. Don’t allow either ethnicity or religion to cloud your conscience. Vote for your future and the future of our nation: vote to end this exile and constant brain-draining of our country.

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