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Forgive Fr Mbaka; Nigeria can happen to anyone in our Land

Nigerians have over-depended on fortune tellers that now and then, one of them would wake up to serve us our due poisonous portion. More problematic is that, without exception, every religion in Nigeria has fallen prey to that snare. They have all understood that they need to play with our gullible attachment to miracles and supernatural powers to thrive.

You see, Nigeria can happen to the best of all of us. Have you recently noticed that even in Islam, many new shamans are waking up from the dead? And to understand that it's Nigeria happening to Islam too, one can consider that women have not been generally seen to play any public role as religious leaders in Islam on the global level, then come to think of the African cultural context. Yet, we have many ladies in Nigeria taking up the mantle of "prophetship" among the Nigerian Muslims.

So, as you wonder why Mbaka is trying to resurface from the recent oblivion the arrival of new dukes in town has plunged him into, tell yourself that Nigeria can happen even to the best among us. Nigeria is happening to Fr Mbaka, and we should not be surprised. But unfortunately, the problem is not our self-proclaimed prophets but their clientele. Watch how those colleagues envying his strong position will jump on this situation to claim some of his clients.

Maybe, it's time for us to wake up and ask ourselves why China is progressing without allowing anyone to deceive them with God said this or that? Why is Canada one of the best destinations for many Nigerians when Canadian society is strongly growing in the opposite direction with its religious practice? Ask yourselves why even Saudi Arabia has grown stronger now that the country has relaxed most of its religious rules? And forget that the US continue to sell us their In God We Trust" logo; we all know that the most outstanding American God is now capitalism. So brief, religion is essential, but it saves no nation. It can only save some of its citizens' souls and not because they worship their self-made prophets.

So, get it from me today; our fight is no longer against prophets and their religious utterances. Today our battle is on the street. That's where difficulties abound. Get your #PVC, ignore these religious merchants, and open your eyes to fight against anyone who might want to steal your votes. Our priority this time is to stop giving people authority they do not have. The only two prophesies that should preoccupy us now are there is power in your #PVC and that evil reigns in the land because good people closed their eyes. Get down from the fence and fight for our great grandchildren's future.


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