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How Every Child Can Thrive by Five

Here is a mind-blowing TED Talk presented by an seven-year-old Molly Wright. In this talk, Molly demonstrates how every child can thrive by five. A few minutes’ talk that reveals the powerful impact of the first five years in every child’s life. She uses the number FIVE in two different ways. First, she thinks every child can thrive during their first five years and then, through five essential things that make up these first five years.

On the one hand, Molly captivates her bewildered audience through wits and facts. She starts with an apparent ridiculous affirmation on how the game of Peekaboo could save the world. Funny, you might say, and that’s what the body language of her audience portrays too. Yet, she demonstrates that the first five years of a baby are paramount to the baby’s future.

On the other hand, she goes beyond the simple idea of five years that matters in every child’s life by establishing with examples how five simple gestures make those first five years absolutely the bedrock of our human formation.

According to Molly, for the first five years of a child to be productive, the child needs the game of Peekaboo. And she goes ahead to present these five essential needs in this order:

  1. Connecting

  2. Talking

  3. Playing

  4. A healthy home and

  5. A community

And to clarify her points, through a few seconds of demonstration, she allows us to observe how not connecting, not talking to, not playing with, how an unhealthy home and the absence of the community could ruin (almost) permanently the life of a child.

The talk is a must-watch for both parents, educators, and any other person in direct contact with both parents and children. Her speech is crucial today, especially with all our attention taken by our numerous gadgets. Molly demonstrates this point perfectly well in a few minutes video she integrated into her presentation.

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