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Integrating Spirituality Into Counselling: A long-awaited Book

The term “counselling and spirituality” is frequently associated with spiritual accompaniment. Nevertheless, those in the psychology field know that the place of spirituality in this field is becoming more and more arguable. Moreover, as our society becomes more secularized, the gap between psychology and spirituality widens, especially between the Christian spiritual approach and other belief systems.

Nowadays, many even think that spirituality and religion are separate entities. However, it’s still a fact that, despite the secularization of today’s society, spirituality remains at the core of all our relationships. Accordingly, with all the intellectual wealth of Christianity, one knows that it still has a lot to offer our society today. Therefore, many believe it’s time to reduce the gap between the two fields of study. Above all, to create a more peaceful world, we must start by building bridges instead of walls. And Christianity has what it takes.

For this reason, some Christian writers have been working on these issues for a few years. One of these interdisciplinary thinkers who stepped up is Fr. Andrzej K. Jastrzebski, O.M.I. of Saint Paul University, Ottawa. His new book, Integrating Spirituality Into Counselling, is a new addition to the School of Spirituality and Counselling. Integrating Spirituality Into Counselling: Methods and Practice was launched on 3 November 2022 at Jean-Leon Allie Library and Archives, Saint Paul University, Ottawa. The event was warmly attended by students and professors alike. Listening to the author, his peers and other participants in the event, there was a consensus that the book also opens a path of entry for non-professionals into these two research disciplines.

It is undoubtedly a book that covers his six years of teaching at the University and gladdens the heart of all those who believe that spirituality is essential in psychology and vice versa. Not reading it will, therefore, mean missing an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of these two interconnected disciplines.

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