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Muhammed Buhari, the President of an occupied territory

Updated: Mar 18

When the First Lady of Nigeria, Mrs. Aisha Buhari, informed us that Some cabals had hijacked Nigeria, we joked about it, thinking that it was one of the political excuses of this present government. However, what we ignored was that the primal fear moved her.

Primal fear is an innate fear programmed into our brain. The instinct of survival triggers off this form of fear. Only such instinct could force a sitting president's wife to denounce his husband's government. Yet, we ignored her call that Nigeria needs rescue from a few cabals carefully prepared and sustained by powerful men hiding under a fake religious agenda.

The problem is that these hijackers understand the Nigerian mentality more than average Nigerians. Their project outdates this pseudo-presidency. They planted the seeds as far back as when democracy returned in 1999. It started as a bit of insurgency in Boko Haram, and now it has magnified. With its master plan well formulated, it has grown from an armed uprising into a full-fledged pseudo-democratic movement. They understood how Nigeria is; divided into ethnic and religious factions. They blended into the situation like a chameleon and keying into its weakness; they erected a system that thrives in the division.

We all consider Buhari problematic, but maybe our enemy might not even be him. He’s oblivious, and as a toothless lion, he can no longer chew even a roasted beef. What we’re suffering isn’t Buhari. He’s simply a piece in their whole game of thrones. The problem is not even about Islamization or installation of the Fulani dynasty in this nation; they are but some tools to disrupt Nigeria. The hijackers understand that anyone can comfortably hide behind these to draw either sympathizers or enemies in Nigeria.

Nigerians are now fighting a wrong enemy. Some Muslims might rejoice thinking that Buhari is employing Muslims, or some Christians annoyed by such agenda, but the truth is that Buhari could be a figurehead. He could be the best candidate they needed to carry out their plan. It could also be that Osibanjo was chosen as his vice to complete the chessboard.

They have a complex project with a master plan that includes creating an international network for controlling the entire world. When we read the article on the involvement of the NASCO Group founder, late Ahmed Idris Nasreddin, in the financing of terrorism, most of us saw it as an isolated case. Have we considered that if the US government couldn’t stop it, it might be because they have gained more ground than we might want to accept? Was Nigeria included in the list of countries restricted from entering the United States by the former US government accidentally? The FBI seems to know more than they let us think.

Nigeria might be facing a new stage of their plan. I don’t know if we observe the number of young people in the present Nigerian administration. They seem to have even crossed into the opposition party. The political affiliation of all these young people that rode the corridors of power in Nigeria should be preoccupying. They’re all connected to one popular Nigerian Islamic cleric. Check them out! Their motivation is neither ethnic nor religious, so to say. They all pay allegiance to someone known to have verbally attacked other Islamic confraternities in Nigeria.

They have even started placing some of their cards on the opposition party in case they decide to dump the APC government. I don’t see the recently nominated PDP youth leader as a hazardous choice. Every serious Nigerian should question his alleged connection with the same cleric. We might need more prove to understand if he’s one of the elements of these gangsters holding Nigeria hostage.

The world hasn’t yet seen the complete plan of these evil genius. It’s still growing, and they involve the youth, likely because the brain behind the program was also picked up very young and groomed under the leadership of Ahmed Bello. It seems he wants to groom other young people to continue the agenda in the future.

Furthermore, though most of them are Muslims, they’re not from the mainstream Muslim group. They’re politicians using Islam as a platform to realize their political agenda. Who knows if their source of income might be from one of the Arab States planning on creating an alternative global power?

Besides, many of us have noticed that every effort to cut loose the Shia cleric, Imam Zakzaky, has proven abortive. These guys have found his method archaic and not in line with their more carefully prepared political agenda. No wonder they have always succeeded in stopping every effort to make him a victim. That’s a genius plan if you ask me. Also, if these guys have fought against other Sunni fraternities, why would they support a Shia group? It’s ahistorical to think it necessary.

The agenda is to protect their own at all costs. No wonder they defend the bandits and continue to aid every Boko Haram soldier captured. And those of them who decide to retire are settled as repented insurgents. Those are well-orchestrated master plans.

Moreover, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are behind the Unknown Gun Men’s ammunition supply in the eastern Nigeria. No other group can access arms and ammunition in this nation like these cabals. Even Nnamdi Kanu and his huge fans can’t sustain the insurgency going on in the East. The biggest problem is that these guys aren’t interested in Nigeria alone. The independence of Biafra might not stop their global agenda. It’s an international criminal plan that will affect many countries if not completely rooted out early enough.

Therefore, Nigerians should wake up, forget our religious and ethnic differences, and fight these vultures. Their plan might still be incubating, but when it hatches, many Nations might go down, including, if not mainly, the Western Countries.

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