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  • Writer's pictureNnaemeka Ali, O.M.I

Sublime, Everlasting Love

My heart longs for your voice

Love of my life, and my all

Every night she quietly awaits

Unable to sleep without you

Without those suiting words

And the invisible touch of love

When the Sun rises, she looks up

Exploring your words in her lips

On the breathe of this golden lamp

To grasp the secrets of the creation

And the forces that awaken the living

With whom humanity share your love

Speak to me, My beauty

Sublime, my everlasting love

The maker of awesome days

Awakener of ancient desires

The creative powers of the old

Readily transporting us higher

Again and again, I call on you

Ancient of the old, Alpha, Abba

The Omega, the regenerative power

Come, seduce my heart once more

Take me for yourself, Oh my treasure

To thee I freely commend my heart


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