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The assumption of Mary is proof of God’s boundless love for us

The mystery or the beauty of God’s love is that it does not follow our human category of meritocracy. Astonishingly, the two parties in the alliance are neither equal nor of the same nature. In fact, the irony is that it is between two entities distinctively dissimilar; the infinite and the finite - God and humanity.

Yet, the beauty of it is that He doesn’t give a static rule on what to do to attain it but to desire the relationship. And even when one refuses to choose it, God keeps loving humanity and the entire creation without a precondition. Thus, His Love is constantly turned towards the creation even when some refuse to accept His gesture. And this is the mystery of the Assumption.

Today, it is not much about Mary being assumed into heaven as it’s of the possibility of a mortal body enjoying such unspoken love. It’s also not much about Mary - who we cherish much - as it’s of us as meriting God’s boundless love. The assumption of Mary into heaven prefigures our individual unmerited love of a God who goes an extra mile to violate the fundamental law of nature.

So, rejoice not only because Mary assumed into heaven today, but that we merit, independent of our shortcomings, the greatest love of a merciful God.


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