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What the World needs today is the Rediscovery of Our Common Humanity

Fr Nnaemeka Ali is a Missionary Oblate of Mary Immaculate (OMI). He was sent on mission to Canada ten months after his priestly ordination. On arriving at the Indigenous Communities in the North Shore of Québec, he discovered that the task was more intricate than he expected.

So, he first started by learning more about indigenous colonization's nature, history, language, culture, spirituality, and faith. In the beginning, he felt as if there was no way forward.

However, with time, he was welcomed into their sacred circle, thus embracing their faith journey and becoming a household name in the ministry with the indigenous people of Canada. In this dialogue with the African Catholic Voices, Fr Nnaemeka shares his experience as a Nigerian missionary working in Canada: What prepared him for the mission, what endeared both local and international journalists to his missionary experience, what difficulties he met in his mission, and how he scaled through them.

Fr Nnaemeka thinks that there is only one thing our World urgently needs today: the rediscovery of one thing God took time to instill in all of us: Our Common Humanity!

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